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Small Business Accounting

Comprehensive Small Business Accounting in Pittsburg

top view of business partners reviewing finance documentsAt FTTS, LLC, we address all your accounting needs with the utmost precision and care. Our experienced CPAs use advanced accounting software to help you set up a system tailor-made to benefit your small business by helping you keep your data organized and accessible. Our accounting team is invested wholly in your success and enjoys seeing you grow and succeed.

Our services can be provided in person, over the phone, or via a virtual meeting to suit your specific preference. We can also provide monthly reporting reviews to make sure things go smoothly throughout the year. Our Pittsburg accounting firm looks forward to working amicably with your company. Get in touch with us to schedule your free initial consultation today!

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Optimal Accounting & Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

We offer optimal small business accounting and bookkeeping services in Pittsburg  to help manage the financial information of your enterprise. Precise accounting is crucial for the success of any business, and that is why we provide the following services to help your business grow:

Review Your Accounts: Our experienced CPAs will review your financial accounts for the current year and last year to help you know your overall fiscal trajectory. That also enables you to make informed decisions for your business' growth.

Accurately Record Expenditures & Receipts: Every business purchases goods and services from other companies. We provide accurate records of your expenditures and organize receipts to ensure that you don't miss a payment, pay a bill twice, or pay one that is not legitimate.

Accounts Receivable: Our accounts receivable services help you get paid faster, boost collection rates, and ensure faster processing of invoices. That ensures that your business will have a better cash flow to finance critical business activities.

Bank Reconciliation & Account Maintenance: Precise bank reconciliation services help your business make sure that all financial transactions are recorded and alert you of potentially fraudulent activity.

Generate Reports: We also provide general financial reports monthly, quarterly, or annually to keep you informed of your situation at any time. It is an easy way to know if you are making progress or whether improvements are needed.

Monthly Financial Statements: Our CPAs will help you generate financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements every month. These are critical documents that give you the data you need to run your business. We not only help you prepare these statements, but we can also help you generate insights from the financial information so you can make more informed business decisions.

Accurate Payroll Services: Our payroll services take care of paying employees, submitting tax withholdings, and handling state and federal payroll taxes. We can also provide expert tax planning advice to help minimize liabilities and save money.

Additionally, we prepare well-organized records to enable you to make financial decisions quickly and accurately. For example, you will know who your best clients are and your best-selling products or services.

Our accurate Pittsburg small business accounting services also ensure that your taxes are paid promptly and precisely. Common types of taxes your business might be responsible for include excise, payroll, income, and sales taxes.

Consistent Reporting from Our QuickBooks® Experts

portrait of confident business womanFTTS, LLC is ready to get your QuickBooks accounting system up and running. Our CPAs are highly skilled in QuickBooks and can help you set up the online version to access your financial data from anywhere via an internet connection.

We take security seriously, and your data will be securely encrypted and accessible only to you and your approved staff or partners. You don't need to worry about security breaches. If your company uses QuickBooks or Gusto, our CPAs will be happy to help with maintenance and troubleshooting. We can also assist with a new system setup or transfer of data to the online version.

We can show you how to use QuickBooks to:

  • Process Online Payments
  • Run Payroll
  • Manage Sales & Inventory
  • Provide Custom Invoices
  • Track Income & Expenses
  • And Much More!

Your Trusted Source for Pittsburg Small Business Accounting Services

You can rely on FTTS, LLC to invest the time and effort to understand how your business operates and how we can best support you. Getting your company to the next level is our top priority, and we strive to provide precise accounting services to help you make informed business decisions.

When you partner with us, we set up a compliant, customized system to help you review, reconcile, and reorganize your data into a meaningful reporting format. As a result, you will understand where your business stands at any time. Building relationships is vital to us, and that is why we are always sincere and reliable. Get in touch with our Pittsburg small business accounting experts today!

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